I am finally giving myself permission

Posted by Teva Youngblood on

For those of you who have been with me since I first opened, you already know that the impetus for the shop was to motivate me to get out of the house, get out of my comfort zone, try-and do- more things. Meet new people, make new friends. I chose to share my favorite hobby and my favorite type of location - in a historic downtown.

Even through the failing health of my Mom, losing her and grieving for over a year, the shop was where I wanted to be. I got up every morning with my mind on the shop and looked forward to getting to it every day I was open.

We were living in an apartment when I opened, renting, renting, and more renting until finally last October Barry realized our dream - acreage to create our farm. I went from not having much household responsibility to - OMG 2500sf and 14 acres of freedom! - and work. Hard work. 

It is days like last Friday and Saturday, when it was so beautiful outside, and I was at the shop wishing I was somewhere else for the first time since I opened the shop three and a half years ago. My new farm life is calling me! So much to do with our place, and I am missing it. It's calling me home. I have finally given myself permission to close the shop and go where my heart wants to be.

I will be closing the physical location of the shop on June 30th. In a way I feel like I am letting my customers down, but in another way I am just jumping with joy and glee. So many possibilities! This will not be a permanent closure. Eventually I will be looking to reopen - I just don't have a timeline for that quite yet.

And listen, I am not going away! I will maintain my online store. I will maintain my local presence. 

If you are in these local zip code areas you will not be charged shipping with your online order: 98531, 98532, 98579, 98570, and 98569. In fact, if at all possible I will make arrangements to deliver (within 15mi of Centralia) to you! I am going to continue with the booth and it's possible that I could even show up at fiber fests around the region! For now, though, I am staying local. (Look for me at the Centralia Antique Fest in July!)

I am going to take a good, hard look at my business plan and revamp it. Once I pull myself out from under all this debt, I will be ready for a fresh, brand new start. I will follow up with emails about future Stitch and Bitch and Sit and Stitch locations. I am also keeping all the social media accounts active. So don't give up on me quite yet, Fiber Fam!